Thursday, August 22, 2013

Its a.....Peach?

Today in painting we started a painting of one of two peaches,I picked the one on the left to do my painting, to the right is Margee's demo of the peach.

After we picked a peach we began plotting it out on our canvas. Sadly I forgot to take a pic at this point, so the next step was to place some of the darker shadings into the peach.

Once we got to this point we then placed the shadow and the background into the painting.

At this moment Margee noticed my shadow was to large so I made it smaller and added more shading into the peach. During the final steps we added the bright yellows and foreground.

Beginning Painting 1 as a person who hasn't really painted in oils before was pretty nerve raking but with Margee going step by step I was able to finish the painting of the peach.

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